August 8, 2021

In Germany, the boom in beer brewing has finally arrived.

But the boom will be short-lived.

The German beer industry is facing a new threat from overseas, the BBC’s James Reynolds reports from Berlin.

German brewers have been struggling to compete with the global demand for their craft beers.

It is a problem the industry is struggling to solve, as foreign brewers have stepped in with new brewing methods and equipment.

And German brewers will not have much to celebrate if they can’t sell their beer domestically.

Germany’s government has been slow to embrace new technology, so brewers are struggling to produce their own products.

Instead, the industry relies on imports from the US and other countries.

That means that German beer can now cost around $6 per 500ml bottle, down from the previous average of $10 per 500 ml.

In fact, the German Beer Industry Association has called for the price to be cut to $4 per 500 litres, to compete.

There is one small step forward: there are now beer brewing kits available in the US for $60.

If you are planning to brew your own beer in Germany, you will need to be prepared for a long haul.

Budweiser and Budweiser Blue are the only beers currently made in Germany and Germany’s brewers are hoping the new prices will help them to attract more customers.

So, for the moment, the new brewing kits can be bought online for $40.

To find out more about the new trends in the German craft beer industry, watch the video below.

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