August 4, 2021

Oberon Beer, which is owned by the Irish Breweries Group, said it was reviewing its brewing practices after the publication of a scathing report by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The ASA said that its report had been prepared to assess whether advertising was in the best interests of consumers and that it found “no evidence of any significant damage to the reputation of the beer”.

The company has previously apologised for misleading consumers about the quality of its products and has been subject to a number of complaints about the way it distributes its beer.

It also has a history of being criticised for misleading drinkers about its beer content and for advertising that did not reflect what was actually available in the market.

The ASA also said that the company had not done enough to promote the quality and integrity of its beer supply.

The regulator said that in its final report it had “considered the extent to which the Company’s advertising was clearly and accurately reporting the beer’s content, style, and characteristics to consumers in order to ensure they were informed and were able to make an informed choice in the marketplace”.

The report said that while the beer was advertised as being made with “high-quality malt”, it was actually made with a blend of malted barley and wheat that is usually made in the US.

It found that Oberons beer, which has the distinctive “Oberon” label, was “not of high quality”, and said that consumers were likely to be misled by its advertising.

“The Company has failed to take the necessary steps to promote and maintain the integrity of the product it sells, and has failed, as a result, to effectively advertise and promote the beer it is selling,” the ASA said.

It added that the ASA’s findings were “very serious”.

The regulator also noted that it had not been able to obtain an independent review of the quality or content of Oberona’s beer, and that there was no evidence that Onderon was making beer in a way that would breach consumer safety standards.

The report, by the ASA, said that it was “very concerned” about the conduct of Onderons marketing team.

“This report is a damning indictment of the marketing team responsible for Oberondas beer,” it said.

The company also apologised to consumers who had purchased Oberontas beer, saying that it “does not condone the promotion or sale of beer which is adulterated or in any way misrepresented as being brewed by Onderondas”.

Onderontas said it would take “immediate action” and said it had committed to undertaking a thorough review of its marketing practices.

Onderonian’s sales have fallen significantly since the ASA report was published.

Sales of the brand fell by almost 30% in the last year alone, with sales of its flagship Oberón range falling by 60%.

The brand has also been criticised for failing to disclose its beer label to customers, despite the fact that it is sold in the Irish market.

Oberoni said it has taken “concrete steps” to improve its marketing.

“We will continue to work with the ASA to ensure that we adhere to the ASA guidelines,” it added.

The brewery has also launched a campaign in which it posted a series of advertisements that it claims highlight its products’ high-quality ingredients.

It has also taken steps to improve the quality control of its supply.

In May, it said it planned to increase the quality assurance and certification of its beers by creating a “certified brewery”.

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