September 14, 2021

The $1.65 price tag for a can of Maine Beer Company’s Hamms beer is so high it makes it difficult to justify buying other craft beers.

The brewery’s owner says he thinks the price is justified because the company has the resources to do it right.

“We are a craft brewery.

We make beer that is brewed with love and passion and with respect to the quality of life of the people of Maine,” said John D. Hamms, owner of the brewery and president of the Hamms Family Company.

The company, based in Portland, Oregon, has been selling beer since 1919.

The craft brewery has also been producing beer for years with a brewery in Portland.

It is a craft beer that has earned a loyal following among the state’s breweries.

The state is the No. 1 beer producing state.

“I think this is a fair price,” Hamms said.

The Maine Beer and Wine Tax Credit was passed by the Legislature in 2015.

It allows breweries to use the credit to purchase up to 100 percent of the cost of their product.

Hammers said he wants to do this for the benefit of the state.

He said the company is going to sell 100 percent in Maine.

The credit is not used to buy other products from the state of Maine.

“The only way we are going to make money is through the sale of our beer,” Hammers added.

The cost of the can of Hamms Beer Company Hamms was asked about the $1 in taxes for his company.

He replied, “We are going for the good of the industry.”

The can is $1, which is about $1 per 1,000 cans.

The beer is made in the brewery, but it’s not sold.

The tax credit is a benefit that helps the state balance the books.

It doesn’t help Maine’s brewers compete with imports from Canada.

The amount of money is $10.95 for a 250-liter can.

It’s a higher cost for Hammers than for other brewers.

The bill passed in the House last week would increase the tax credit for up to five breweries.

It was also passed by two-thirds of the House and Senate.

The House passed the bill by a voice vote.

The Senate passed the measure by a 30-8 vote.

If both chambers pass the bill, the House could consider it in a future legislative session.

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