July 4, 2021

A few weeks ago, I attended a dinner party hosted by a group of young brewers at a San Francisco brewery, which was a big deal for me, because I was so excited to see these guys.

This group of brewers included two guys who went to UC Berkeley, one who attended UC Santa Cruz, and the other, a guy who spent a lot of time at Cal State Long Beach.

The conversation between them centered on beer.

They talked about their favorite beers, and shared a couple that they had been brewing with friends for the past few years.

The guys were excited to finally make it to the top of the California beer ladder.

“The whole beer scene is changing,” one of the guys told me.

“There’s a lot more craft beer out there.

We’re getting to know each other.”

“There is a lot going on in the world right now,” another of the brewers added.

“It’s going to take a long time to change that, but we’re starting to see a lot.

This is going to be a big part of that.”

When we first talked about the group of people who came up to me and asked me what my top five beers were, I was genuinely curious about what they were talking about.

The question struck me as a bit odd: What makes a beer so good?

How can it be so good, and so rare?

So I dug into the beer scene, looking for the best beers, which I would then label by the category of “great” and “greatest.”

And then I found this little gem.

“Great” and the greatest, of course, are subjective.

But if you were to make a list of the best beer in the history of the world, would you want to be on the list?

The answer was a resounding “yes.” 

I was surprised to learn that this was something that the beer community in California had not really talked about much.

And when I talked to these brewers, it was clear that they really enjoyed the attention and accolades they were receiving for their craft. 

The conversation started with one of them talking about the “greatness” of the beers they were brewing, and how the term “greater” doesn’t really capture it.

He then shared a quote from another brewer, which he said was the inspiration for the phrase. 

“It’s the beer that makes you feel good.

It’s the drink that makes people feel good.”

The conversation shifted to how this beer industry has changed in the past five years, and I began to get a sense of the impact that the “Great Beer” craze had on the beer world in the last decade.

It was a conversation I had with some of the most successful brewers in the beer industry. 

One of the things that I learned when I got to know the guys at The Bruery was that their beers were really good.

They were the ones making the beer I love, and that is a craft that I would be extremely proud to be part of. 

I then asked the guys about their other favorite beers. 

Their first answer was “The best beer of all time,” and the second one was “Greatest beer of the 20th century.”

I was really struck by how much they shared about the past, and it was amazing to see that this craft beer community was thriving. 

While I was at The Brouwerij, I sat down with one man named Alex, and he shared with me a little more about the story behind his passion for beer. 

Alex is an Englishman, born in the Netherlands, and has spent the last 40 years in the United States working in the brewing industry.

When he is not brewing, he likes to travel to the Middle East, where he enjoys drinking beer and traveling. 

When he is traveling, he tends to go to Europe, where the beer is even better. 

He recently returned to the United Kingdom after a decade in the Middle Kingdom.

Alex said that his father and his mother were passionate about the history and culture of the region, and after a few years in London, he came back to the Netherlands. 

 Alex has spent most of his life traveling, and since the beginning of his travels, he has been a regular at bars and restaurants in the region.

He said that he loves this aspect of traveling, but that he also enjoys it more when he can spend time with his friends. 

On his first day back in the U.K., Alex took me to The Bruichladdich, a popular brewery in London that is located in the historic St. Paul’s Church. 

After a few beers, we decided to head over to The Abbey, another popular beer bar in the London area. 

As we sat at The Abbey’s bar, we both began to sip our beers, enjoying the atmosphere. 

Then Alex asked me to introduce him to the other person in the group, who was sitting next to

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