September 3, 2021

Breweries, brewers, and breweries themselves are having a moment.

We’re seeing new entrants in the craft beer scene, new styles and new recipes and more breweries opening across the globe.

The beer scene has been in a constant state of flux, with many breweries trying to innovate and change the world. 

However, some of the new entrants have managed to stand out as some of Ireland’s best beers.

Here are our picks for the best craft beer from Ireland this year.1.

The Irishman’s  Hangout The Irishmans Hanging Out (2017)Hangouts are beer events where people gather to socialise.

These events have become an integral part of the beer scene in Ireland.

They offer people something to do to socialize, while sharing a few beers.

They’re often held in local pubs and often are held during festivals.

It’s been described as “a perfect time to drink craft beer in Ireland”, which makes sense, as it’s a great way to meet people, drink a few tasty beers and chat with other like-minded people. 

The brewery behind The Irishmans, John Kelly, said that they wanted to make their own beer festival to celebrate the diversity of the Irish beer scene. 

“We’re hoping to create something that’s a little bit more inclusive and welcoming,” he said.

We’ve got a lot of people who are from Cork and we’ve got some people who’ve come from the US and from Scotland. “

We’ve got people from all walks of life from all sorts of backgrounds.

We’ve got a lot of people who are from Cork and we’ve got some people who’ve come from the US and from Scotland.

We want to do a lot more of that.” 


The Red Bull Beer at Red Bull Brewery (2016)Beer in Ireland has become a big business.

There are currently more than 100 craft breweries in the country.

They produce around 80,000 litres of beer a year, and around a third of them are located in Dublin. 


The Irishman Prairie Brewing (2013)The IrishMan Prahole (2012)The RedBull is the third most-visited brewery in Ireland after The Irishmen and Prairie Brewing.

The brewery is located on the shores of Lake O’Sullivan, and is a partner in a number of initiatives in the city. 

PRAirie has had a number, such as a brewery dedicated to the Irish culture, a brewery for craft beer lovers and a farmhouse brewery. 

In 2016, the brewery opened a new brewery in Portadown, in Dublin’s inner city, and the following year it will be opening a second brewery in a new location. 


The Bruery (2014)Bruery  (2015)Bryan Byrne has been involved in the Irish craft beer movement for years.

He’s a member of the Guinness Proprietors Association and he was the first person to set up a Guinness Brewery in Ireland in 2014.

He also runs a website for Guinness beers.

He was also the first Irishman to be awarded a Guinness World Record for the most Guinness medals ever. 


The Red Bull – Liquor of the Gods (2011) The Redbull Lit (2010)The first RedBull was launched in 2011.

Its original goal was to create a brewery that could provide craft beer for the city of Cork, which had a population of just over 1 million.

However, they eventually decided to open their brewery in another city.

The result is the RedBull Lit. 


The O’Bryan Livings (2006)The O’bryan Beer (2005)Living (2008)The original O’Brien’s was established in the late 1970s. 

O’Brians has been based in Dublin since the early 1990s, and has a brewery in Cork and two in Wicklow. 


The Auld Glen (1996)The Auld Glan (1994)Auld Glen is a beer pub located in The Ould Glen.

It is owned by the O’Connell family, who started brewing in the 1800s.

The original owners sold the pub in 2002, and since then, the pub has been run by the Auld Glenn family. 


Cork’s The Odeon (1991)Corks The Old (1992)Corks The Odeon  (1993)Cockneys The Aunty (1988)Cocks The Big (1989)The brewery   was originally opened in the town of Drogheda in the south of the country, in an area known as The Aunted.

The pub was later expanded to the east of Cork. 


The Gulliver’s Beer from the Sea (

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