July 18, 2021

The Associated Press article NUTS!

The National Association of Beer Wholesalers (NASB) is having some fun with its latest poll.

It asked respondents which brewery they think should win the beer world’s most prestigious award.

Here are the results.


Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery: The Chicago-based brewery was the No. 1 beer in the poll and its brand has been synonymous with craft beer for decades.

The label on its signature IPA, “Pabst”, has also been a hit, and its flagship Pilsner Urquell has been the top seller in the U.S. for more than a decade.

It also has a reputation for being the most craft-friendly brewery in the country.


Great Lakes Brewing Company: This is the beer that the Great Lakes Brewers Association (GLBA) is so proud of.

The craft beer giant made the list because of its award-winning IPAs, including its signature beer, “Oatmeal Stout”.

It also sells a wide range of other brews, including a few unique ones.


Sierra Nevada Brewing: This brewery has won five medals at the World Beer Cup in London, England and in a recent poll in the Netherlands.

It is also one of the top brewers in the world and produces the world’s best-selling craft beer, which includes the highly acclaimed Pilsener Urquello.

It’s the third-largest craft brewery in America, behind only Coors and MillerCoors.


Goose Island Brewery: Goose Island is a major beer brand in the United States and in Europe.

It has more than 30 different craft beers, including the iconic IPA, the signature “Double IPA”.

It has also won the World Cup twice, including in 2013 and 2016.

It sells some of the world the most popular craft beer in North America.


Stone Brewing: The brewery has been brewing craft beers since 1985, making it the longest-serving American craft brewer.

It made the cut in both the U-rated and the U10 rating categories, making the brewery a good candidate for the “best beer” title.


Dogfish Head Brewery: This craft brewery has earned its reputation for its innovative craft beers.

The flagship AleSmith, which is named after the popular beer, was named best craft beer by the AP in 2016.

The brewery also has an extensive portfolio of styles, including barrel-aged beers, and has won medals at several major international competitions.


Avery Brewing: A subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the American craft beer company also makes beer under the Avery Brewing moniker.

The beer has been one of craft beer’s most successful brands, with more than 200,000 sales a year.


MillerCoopers Whisky Company: The craft spirits company made the poll’s top 10.

It was followed by Molson Coors, which had a strong showing with the American-made, bourbon-inspired, American-inspired Scotch Ale.


Anhemans Brewery: A craft beer fan favorite in the past, Anheman’s is a brand in its own right.

The brewer’s flagship, the “Red IPA”, has become a hit with craft drinkers.


Sierra Nova Brewing: With its iconic Pils, Sierra Nova has been in the spotlight since its 2011 launch.

It makes the list with a new “Citra Red Ale” that is among the best in the business.

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