July 16, 2021

According to data from the Brewers Association, the United States is the world’s biggest beer exporter.

The United Kingdom is second.

The Netherlands is third.

Belgium is the only country in Europe to be a full-fledged beer producer.

The U.K. and the Netherlands are the only countries that produce beer in the United Kingdom.

The U.S. and Belgium are home to about three-quarters of the world market.

It is the biggest beer producer in the world, and it is responsible for around 40 percent of global beer consumption.

But while the U..

S., Belgium, and the U-K.

are the world leaders in beer consumption, Germany, France, and Italy are more closely aligned.

The top five countries are: Germany, Belgium, France and Italy, according to data compiled by the Brewers Associations.

The bottom five countries for beer consumption are: The Netherlands, Norway, Austria and Denmark, according the Brewers associations.

The number one beer in France is also the most popular beer in Germany, but the Uwe-Brau brewery in Belgium is not far behind.

The average beer in Europe is about 20 percent lighter than the average beer sold in the U.-K., according to the Brewers association.

The average beer consumed in the country is about 1,100 liters per capita.

That is slightly lower than the 2,200 liters consumed in Italy.

But beer drinkers in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates are more likely to drink a beer at home than beer drinkers elsewhere.

The Netherlands, with the most beer drinkers per capita, has a beer culture that is very different from that of other countries.

“It’s a place that celebrates the good things in life, which means you have a lot of beer, and that’s something you’re more inclined to do if you’re at home,” said Eero Kuijpers, a researcher at the University of Groningen who studies beer consumption in Europe.

The people who drink the most beers in the Dutch beer industry are the older generation.

They drink a lot more beer and drink it more often,” Kuijples said.

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