October 31, 2021

Craft beer is everywhere.

But where do craft breweries stand in the beer landscape?

According to BeerAdvocate, craft beer is currently on the rise, with a record number of breweries opening in 2016.

But with the number of craft breweries swelling, what’s your preferred beer?

BeerAdvope compiled a list of beer choices for beer lovers in the U.S. to help them make the best beer choice possible.

While we’re all about beer, here are some of the best craft beers around.1.

Craft Beer from the Netherlands2.

Craft beer from Germany3.

Craft beers from Belgium4.

Craft Ale from Ireland5.

Craft ales from Sweden6.

Craft Bites from New Zealand7.

Craft cocktails from the U, UK, and Canada8.

Craft coffee from Japan9.

Craft whiskey from Australia10.

Craft cider from the UK11.

Craft wine from Australia12.

Craft craft beer from Australia13.

Craft gin from the US14.

Craft lager from Germany15.

Craft IPA from Australia16.

Craft stout from the United Kingdom17.

Craft schnapps from Germany18.

Craft Belgian IPA19.

Craft brown ale from Belgium20.

Craft Russian Imperial Stout21.

Craft Lager from the USA22.

Craft White IPA from the EU23.

Craft Black IPA from Belgium24.

Craft Porter from the UNITED Kingdom25.

Craft India Pale Ale from India26.

Craft American Amber Ale from the country27.

Craft Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, and Ale from Germany28.

Craft Red Ale from Austria29.

Craft Brown Ale from France30.

Craft Amber Ale, Witbier, and Wheat Beer from Germany31.

Craft Wheat Ale, Porter, and Witbiers from Belgium32.

Craft Imperial Wheat Beer and Wheat Ale from China33.

Craft Baltic Porter from Lithuania34.

Craft Czech Stout from Russia35.

Craft Ukrainian Stout from Ukraine36.

Craft German Lager and Lager with Lager Malt from Germany37.

Craft Scottish Lager, Brown Ale, and Lagers from Scotland38.

Craft Irish Brown Ale and Lags from Ireland39.

Craft Barleywine from Scotland40.

Craft Pilsner from Germany41.

Craft Guinness from Ireland42.

Craft French Style Pilsener from France43.

Craft Ales from the Czech Republic44.

Craft English Ale from Scotland45.

Craft Australian IPA from New South Wales46.

Craft Cider from New York47.

Craft Scotch Ale from Australia48.

Craft British Amber Ale and Ciders from Scotland49.

Craft Strong Dark Ale from Belgium50.

Craft Kolsch from Germany51.

Craft Saison from Belgium52.

Craft Dubbel from France53.

Craft Golden Ale from Poland54.

Craft Flanders Red Ale and Dubbel55.

Craft Sour from Belgium56.

Craft Dijon from France57.

Craft Old Ale from Holland58.

Craft Wild Ale from Sweden59.

Craft Lambic from Belgium60.

Craft Berliner Weisse from Germany61.

Craft Riesling from Belgium62.

Craft Rye from Belgium63.

Craft Brettanomyces from the Belgian Republic64.

Craft Malted Barley from Belgium65.

Craft Mosaic from Germany66.

Craft Tripel from Belgium67.

Craft Fluid Rye from the British Isles68.

Craft Munich Lager68.

New Zealand Lager69.

Belgian Wit and Tripel70.

Bitter Belgian Wit with Spices71.

British Strong Dark Strong Ale from Italy72.

Belgian Black Amber Ale with Bitter Brett from the Republic of Ireland73.

Black IPA with Brettanomicalces74.

Dark Belgian Strong Ale75.

English Bitter Black Ale76.

French Bitter Dark Bitter and Dark Lager77.

Pilsen Red Ale with Brett from France78.

Porters Lager79.

Pale Ale with Pils and Brett80.

Red Ale (English Style) from Belgium81.

American Ale from New England82.

American Amber Ales83.

American Bitter Ale84.

American Stout85.

American Pale Ale86.

American Sour with Brett87.

Belgian Dubbel88.

Dubbel Belgian DubbeBelgian Dubbel is an ale brewed with rye malt and hops.

Dubbe is brewed in the style of a traditional beer, with aromas of the rye and malt.

Dubbel is the traditional beer of the Belgians.

Dubbe is the beer of Dijons and Bierkraft in Belgium.

Dubben is the Belgian Dubben.

Dubbens famous name comes from the Dutch word for “to bring”.

Dubbens original recipe, originally a mix of rye and wheat, has a slightly tart finish, with notes of sweet orange, grapefruit, and citrus.

Dubben is brewed with the same amount of wheat as the standard Dubbel, but with a touch of Brettanamicces.

Dubbs popularity in the United States dates back to the mid-19th century.

Its popularity is largely due to the fact that its very similar to a standard Dubben

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