September 1, 2021

The Chicago Blackhawks are still in the playoffs.

They still have a chance.

They’re still in a position to make the Stanley Cup Final.

They’re still within striking distance of a playoff spot.

They have a lot of talented young players and a team built around two top draft picks in Jonathan Toews and Artemi Panarin.

That’s a lot.

But they’re not exactly a team that’s going to win a Stanley Cup.

That said, the Blackhawks have the tools and the players to make a run in the postseason, at least if they stay healthy.

Here are five things to watch in the first round:The Hawks got off to a quick start on Saturday, defeating the Philadelphia Flyers 4-0 at the Wells Fargo Center.

The Hawks were a big part of that.

They outshot the Flyers 14-4 in the opening period.

Then they scored a pair of goals in the second to pull away in the third period.

It looked like a playoff team was going to come through, but they never really got going.

The Blackhawks have had their moments, and there were some good ones, but for the most part they’ve been just another NHL team that has a lot to prove.

It’s the first time in the team’s history that the Blackhawks haven’t advanced to the postseason.

But it’s still a long road to go.

The Flyers have won six straight playoff games, and they’ve done it with a lot less star power.

This year, they’re going to have to get creative and find a way to keep their young players fresh and healthy.

In the past two seasons, they’ve drafted a ton of talent, including a lot more offensive talent than the Hawks.

But their defense is still one of the worst in the league.

And their goaltending has been a big question mark this season.

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