September 8, 2021

Posted June 24, 2018 07:04:07A British beer brand, The Madisons, has gone into the UK and opened its first brewery in the country.

A brewery was named after a famous British beer that was invented in Scotland, which was later exported to the United Kingdom, and is named after Sir George Madisons Brewery.

The brand is currently owned by the family of Sir John Madisons and Sir Richard Madisons.

The Madisons have already announced plans to open a brewery in Wales.

A spokeswoman said: “We’ve been in contact with the Madisons over the last few months to confirm our plans to expand our UK brewery in Cardiff and are now excited to be opening the first brewery of its kind.”

The brewery will be a family-owned business and will feature a range of craft beers including a new brew by Madisons beer batter recipe that will be available in cans and kegs.

“We’ll be serving Madisons’ classic and seasonal beers in both bottles and keg form as well as on tap.”

The brewery is expected to open in the coming months.

Madisons Brewery is currently in a pub in the village of Llanelli, in the Welsh town of Swansea.

Source: Madisons Brews/FacebookThe brewery has been in the news recently after its owner, the family-run Madisons Brewing Company, announced plans for a new brewery in Swansea.

The brewery was founded by Richard Madison in 1997 and has a reputation for brewing strong and complex beer, which is popular with tourists.

It is now owned by his daughter, Lady Anne Madison.

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