August 29, 2021

The White House is set on signing an executive branch order on brewpubs, as Trump seeks to reinvigorate his domestic industry.

The brewing industry is already experiencing a boom as more than 2,000 breweries open across the country.

But the Trump administration has been pushing to make sure they can grow, and the brewpub movement is one of the top issues it has highlighted.

The White House issued a draft executive order Tuesday that would prohibit brewers from using ingredients from foreign brews in their beers, with a ban on imports of ingredients that include malts and yeast, and bans on import of any product made from hops, water and water byproducts, which include malt extract, grain extract, malt oil, malt, malt extract and malt syrups.

Brewpubs have long been a staple of the craft beer industry, and they were especially popular among younger generations of consumers who grew up with beer as a staple food.

Now, they’re becoming a mainstay of the nation’s dining scene.

The Trump administration aims to boost the industry by increasing exports, and by cracking down on importation of any item made from foreign ingredients.

“The American beer industry is going to be an industry that thrives as long as the American people are happy,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in March.

“The president believes that it’s a very important economic engine for our country, and he believes that craft beer is a very big part of that.”

Breweries across the U.S. have been growing for decades, but the beer industry has seen a dramatic jump since 2016.

That included a massive surge in domestic sales in the summer of 2017, as Americans celebrated the birth of their first child, President Donald Trump.

The beer industry’s total revenue hit $1.7 trillion in 2020, up $600 billion from the previous year.

The craft beer movement has been a main pillar of Trump’s economic policy.

In addition to the brewing industry, the administration has called for a massive infusion of foreign direct investment into the U, which would boost the economy and give companies like Uber, Airbnb and Lyft a boost.

The administration has also advocated for the repeal of “disruptive” and “unfair” trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The executive order, however, would also give states the power to impose bans on imports from foreign brewers, and it would require brewers to submit reports on how many of their ingredients come from countries other than the U., which is a provision that has been opposed by the industry.

It is unclear whether the ban on foreign ingredients would apply to imported ingredients like barley and other grains, or if the ban would apply only to malts, which the industry uses to make beer.

A draft executive action on craft breweries is expected to be signed by Trump by Tuesday.

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