July 5, 2021

The most anticipated beer in the world is being hijacked.

And it turns out to be a hoppy, high-alcohol brew that is being sold in China as a “pale ale.”

The craft beer world has a complicated relationship with China.

In some ways, it has been a natural fit, with the Chinese brewing industry flourishing and exporting to the U.S. and Europe.

But the craft beer industry in China has been struggling for years, especially in the first few years of the country’s “Golden Decade,” when the government loosened regulations and the country grew into one of the world’s biggest beer producers.

In 2015, the government allowed beer and wine to be sold in bars, restaurants and other places of public consumption.

The ban on beer and liquor was lifted in 2017.

But that was a small step compared to what is happening to the “Golden Ale,” a beer brewed in a factory in northern China that is now being sold for $25 to $50 a bottle.

China has a long history of allowing alcohol to be imported, even as its consumption rate has plummeted in recent years.

Beer was traditionally brewed at home, but it has moved into factories in places like the northern city of Lijiang, where the beer is made.

This brewery in Lijang, a city near the southern city of Chongqing, is the world leader in beer production.

The new “Golden ale” is produced in China at a brewery in a suburb of Chongju, a large city near Beijing.

It is brewed with hops and wheat and is sold as a pale ale.

(Shanghai Beer Company/Alamy)The new brew has been sold in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States.

The beer is marketed as a lighter beer, but critics say it is a hoppier version of an American IPA, one that tastes more like a pale beer.

It comes with a label that says “HOPY HOP” and is advertised as being the most popular beer in Hongkong, Japan, Japan’s biggest city, and even in the U: a “classic pale ale” that is “made by hand, in an isolated location in the Chinese province of Xinjiang.”

The beer, which is being marketed as the “most antitrust-friendly beer in world,” is being touted as the first of a new wave of high-altitude beers that will allow Chinese craft brewers to produce beers with the same flavor profile that are sold in the United State and Europe and sold in other countries.

“The Golden Ale is a Hoppy, High-Alcohol Pale Ale,” said an advertisement on the website of the brewery, Shanghai Beer Company.

“It’s an important first step to get Chinese craft beer out there.”

The brewer’s marketing campaign also suggests that it is the most “antitrust friendly” beer in China, since it is not made in a brewery and comes in a bottle that is not labeled with the countrys “Golden decade” slogan.

The brewery says the “polarization” is part of the “new normal” in China.

But critics said it is misleading.

“I don’t think that a beer with the Golden Ale label is as antitrusted as the beer that is brewed in the brewery,” said Jason Li, the co-founder of the nonprofit group Brew Alliance, which monitors Chinese craft brewing.

“I think it is more about the new normal than anything else.”

A Hoppy Hoppy AleThe name “Golden” comes from the fact that the beer has been aged for three years in bourbon barrels, making it one of China’s oldest brews.

It has been bottled in China since 2010.

The name “Hoppy” is a combination of the words “hoppy” and “pilon,” which are the Chinese characters for beer.

The term “pilot hop” is used to describe the process of brewing hops in the barrel.

In China, brewers also use a similar process to extract the aroma of the hops from barley.

The “Golden Pale Ale” comes in two flavors: a lighter version that is a lighter-flavored version of the American IPA that is also being marketed in China and a “malt-flavoured” version of a beer that has a more malt-forward taste.

The label for the new “Hoppier” beer says that the brewery “will brew this IPA for you with a small amount of malt” and that the “original hop aroma will remain.”

The “Golden-Ale” brewery says that it will produce the beer for “you with the most antitrival ingredients.”

The brewers claim that the beers will be available at “locals’ supermarkets and online.”

“We are not selling this beer to people who do not have the taste for a more traditional, American IPA,” the brewery said.

“This beer is brewed to be enjoyed with friends and

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