September 24, 2021

A Stella Brewing beer is in the works for India, and its not for the faint of heart.

The brewery has released the Stella India Pale Ale, and it’s not for sale.

It’s an Indian-made version of Stella’s flagship India Pale, with a hefty 50% of the product made in India.

This India Pale ale is going to be a lot different from the original, Stella Beer’s founder and CEO Raghav Das said.

“The India Pale is the first time that we have made India Pale beer in India, as we have done it for Stella, which is a family business,” Das told The Times of India.

He said that Stella has been making India Pale for the last 10 years.

A few years back, the company made a similar India Pale that had more alcohol and a much lower bitterness.

When asked if this beer will be a Stella hit, Das said it’s definitely not a Stellas India Pale.

“This is not a commercial India Pale in India,” Das said, adding that it’s a Stells India Pale.

“The Stella logo is on the side of the bottle.

There is a strong association between India and India beer, and Stella is doing its best to replicate this.

Das said India Pale will be available in India at Stella shops, and the company is also working on the next edition of India Pale India Lager.

India Pale is a “premium India Pale,” Das explained, meaning it will be served to VIPs and VIP guests.

Stella India Beer will be the first of a line of Indian-produced India Pale Lagers.

Pale Ale Stella was started in 1996, and is known for its strong aroma and refreshing taste.

In 2017, Stellafood launched its India Pale Amber Ale, a blend of its India pale lagers, a few of its more popular beers and the Stellak brand.

Stella’s India Pale was developed from Stella India Pale beers, which were made from India.

It is produced by Stella in India and has a 50% ABV.

Stellas Indian Pale Ale is a hybrid India Pale with more than 50% Indian hops, and has more flavor than Stella beers.

Citrus and mango flavors are also present in this India Pale and the taste is similar to Stellapalooza beer.

You can buy the Stelle India Pale from India’s biggest retail chain, the Stelco, which has over 3,000 outlets.

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