August 11, 2021

Beer store owners in Seattle are selling their wares to Costco for about $15 per pint.

The Seattle Beer Store (SBUS) announced on Thursday it will be selling at Costco for $15 an ounce starting on January 10.

The beer store in Seattle will be part of a new Costco initiative that will be rolled out across the country starting in 2018.

“We’re thrilled to be joining Costco in this partnership,” said SBUS co-owner Matt Johnson.

“It will allow us to bring our customers great beer and beer culture to Costco in Seattle.

They have a very loyal and loyal customer base.”

The beer shop in Seattle is one of the few locations in the country to offer beer and wine on-site.

It also serves food and coffee, which is a big draw for shoppers.

SBUS will sell its beer to Costco at the store, which will then be shipped to a warehouse.

It will then ship its beer back to the store.

“The best way to serve our customers is to have them come in and enjoy the experience,” Johnson said.

The store has already had a successful business with Costco, which it says is now the third largest beer store chain in the United States.

SBUs customers will be able to purchase a selection of beer, wine, spirits, and craft beers at the new Costco location.

The SBUS is the fourth and largest craft beer store on the West Coast.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for us to serve a very diverse and important customer base,” said Doug Oates, vice president of marketing and corporate affairs at Costco.

“In addition to beer and craft beer, we’re offering a variety of wines and spirits.

We have our own tap room, which we will have a couple of locations for.”

Costco is also working on a new wine and spirits selection, which the company says will be available soon.

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