July 30, 2021

Sapporo Brewing Co. announced on Tuesday that it will open a new beer-focused brewery in the North Shore area of Raleigh, and it’s aiming to become a major player in the craft beer market.

Sapporo Beer Garden will be a brewery with about 15 acres of space that will be part of a “new” Sapporo Brewery on the north side of the city.

It will be called Sapporo Brewhouse, and will feature two brewery-owned taprooms, as well as a small tasting room.

Sapporibrewery.com promises to serve local brews, and a full-service restaurant.

The company will also offer live music and entertainment, and plans to offer its beers at its own taproom.

Sappoobrewery.co.uk says that the brewery will have “more than 100 taps” to serve up craft beers.

The brewery will open for business in January 2019, and is expected to open a second brewery in 2020.

The new brewery will be named after the brewery’s founders, Takashi Nagai and his wife, Etsuko Nagai, who will become co-owners.

“We will create a unique and unique brewery experience for our customers,” said a company statement.

“As we grow, we are committed to being as welcoming and accessible as possible for our guests, and the people who love to enjoy beer.”

The brewery plans to have a tasting room onsite to handle its beer, and Sapporo will offer a 24-hour “beer lounge” for visitors to drink at home.

There are no plans for a restaurant.

“It’s a big step for us,” said Tom Grolsch, the company’s co-founder and managing partner.

“Having a brewery is one of the reasons we’re going to be so successful in the beer industry.

We’ve done this for about a year now, and I think we’ve come a long way.”

He also noted that the new brewery “will be the first in North America.”

“We’ve been around for a while,” he said.

“People are getting used to the idea of a brewery in North Carolina.” 

The beer garden will be the largest and most significant of its kind in North American brewing.

Grolch said the space was designed to serve as a test-bed for new ideas, and he hopes that the “cool factor” will help attract other brewers to start brewing at Sapporo.

“The beer will be great.

There’s going to probably be something that you can drink and say, ‘I could have done this if I had the chance,'” he said of the new beer facility.

“If there’s something that makes you think, ‘Why wouldn’t I do that?’ then I think it’s going for the right reasons.” 

Sapporo Brewery will be able to tap into the brewery taproom, which will feature a wide selection of Sapporo beers, Grolsche said.

The tasting room will have an outdoor seating area, and there will also be a restaurant, according to a company announcement.

“There’s going be something for everyone, and we want to do the best we can for everyone,” Grolshek said. 

A Sapporo beer garden is currently only open to Sapporo’s employees, and Grolsh said that the company plans to expand the location, with a wider variety of beers available to serve customers. 

“The idea was to have something for everybody to enjoy,” he told ABC News.

“Everyone is going to enjoy it.

People will come and go.

We’ll be able get a lot more people to come, and that’s a good thing.

It’s going on the right side of things.” 

According to the brewery, the new location will help “expand our business.” 

“We are excited to announce our intention to open our new brewery in downtown Raleigh,” said Nagai.

“Our team here in Sapporo is really talented and experienced.

We’re looking forward to making our first beer in North Raleigh and being able to offer our customers the best possible beer experience.” 

ABC News’ Mike Schumacher contributed to this report.

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