July 9, 2021

Ontario wine production is on the verge of a major overhaul, but the industry is struggling to find a buyer.

The province is looking at a number of possible buyers, and some of them have been publicly hostile to Ontario wine.

Winegrowers in southern Ontario have been in talks with the province’s government for several months about purchasing the provinces wine industry, and several have said they plan to buy some or all of Ontario’s wineries.

The Ontario government has said it won’t be selling its wine industry to any foreign companies, but critics say that’s not good enough.

Here are some of the potential buyers, based on the opinions of winegrowers and Ontario officials.

The wineries: Winery of the Month: Jules Cote Winery, Cote-du-Mont Royal, Que.

winery is owned by the Château d’Alma family, who are French, and has a strong presence in Quebec.

The Cote family owns the Chateau d’t Almas winery, which is located in the heart of the province.

The Chateaux family owns a number wineries in Canada, including Cote d’Auteur, Cotes de la Grange, and La Fayette.

The family is also the majority shareholder in the winery at the Chatelaine vineyard in Guelph.

According to the company’s website, the wineries are “made in the finest vineyards of the country, and are renowned for the quality of their wines, their winesmiths, their grape picking techniques, and their wines that are always on the move”.

The winery says it has a “profound respect for our heritage, our vineyards and our wines”.

The wine: J. Jules Jules, the name of the Jules winery in Cote du Mont Royal, Quebec.


Cote winery has been in business since 1892.

According a report in the Canadian Wine Journal, the Chachapé vineyard at the Cote de la Cote, where Jules operates, has won several awards for quality.

The report said the winemakers vineyards are located in a small area with a variety of grape varieties.

The vines are grown in the Chais-du.


The Jules wine is described as “well-crafted, crisp and sweet”, which is “as bold as a Champagne, and as full-bodied as a Cabernet Franc.”

The winemaking company also produces a number sours, which the Chappé winery describes as “smooth and fresh”.

The Cotes wine: Cote Du Mont Royal Winery was founded in 1891 by Louis Jules du Châtelaine, who was a wealthy businessman.

According the Chapeau d’s vineyard website, it was established in 1892 by Louis Du Châtelaine, a Frenchman who was one of the richest men in Quebec, and had his name inscribed on a number in a bottle of wine.

The vineyard also says that “all of our wines are made by hand.”

According to an article published in Wine Spectator magazine in 2018, “Louis Du Chailleau’s winery produces over 70,000 litres of wine a year.

He is said to be one of Canada’s richest men.”

The Châtes winery also has wineries on the Côte du Mont, which according to the website, is “one of Canadas oldest wineries, established in 1696.”

The wine has been described as a “vigorous, elegant, and full bodied wine.”

The Côtes winemakery says its wines are “well known across Canada, particularly in Quebec and the United States”.

The Jura wines: Jura Winery in Quebec City, Que., is owned and operated by the Jura family, and according to its website, “We are a family of wine lovers who have been cultivating our wines and tasting them for many years.”

According the company, the Juras winery “is renowned for our quality, as well as our wine.”

According a 2017 article in the Quebec City Journal, “our winemasters, who have worked hard to maintain the highest quality of our wine, are very satisfied with our wines.”

The Juras wine is characterized as a smooth and clean wine.

According Wine Spectators, the Cotes winery and the Chaveau d’real winery are “the two best-known and most recognized wineries for Quebec.”

The Bordeaux winery: A Bordeau winery was established by Louis and Louis-Auguste Jura in 1868.

According its website , the winemaker’s name was engraved on the bottling glass of the bottle of Bordeux, “a wine that is now considered by many to be the finest of all Bordeaus.”

According Bordeautas winery website, its wines “are grown in a traditional vineyard

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