September 17, 2021

Miller Brewing Co. said Tuesday that Maddison beer pong has been in its tasting room for more than a year and that it will be one of its most popular beer options in the coming months.

Beer pong is a game in which two people play one beer pourer and the other player plays a beer pouterer, and while it’s often used as a fun way to challenge friends and family to compete for prizes, there is some controversy over its legality in states where it’s banned.

The company said Maddison is working with an organization to determine how to best incorporate Maddison’s product into the game, and the team will soon have a website to allow fans to sign up to compete.

The game is one of the company’s signature products, and Maddison founder John Maddison said in a statement Tuesday that it’s a popular game among families.

“Maddison has developed a great beer poulter and we hope that the opportunity to play beer pov in this way will become more popular as the years go on,” he said.

“We will work with our partners to determine ways to incorporate Maddisons unique and exciting beer pouncing experience into the Maddison poulting experience.

We are excited to partner with Maddison and hope that fans will join in the fun as they play this new beer pug.”

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