October 9, 2021

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Medalla is the sweet smell of fresh-baked bread, but in fact, the brewery in the middle of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, is a far cry from the country’s famed root beer.

Medalla was founded in 1988, but its roots stretch back even further.

The name means “heavenly drink” in Kurdish, and the brews it produces are considered sacred and considered a divine gift from God.

It’s no wonder then that Medalla’s origins are so mysterious.

After a decade of working to create a more palatable version of the brew, Medalla started experimenting with the process of making beer in 2010.

As its first brew, it quickly found a market, but it quickly realized that the process was time-consuming and expensive.

To help offset that, Medallah partnered with the popular Lebanese-owned restaurant, Al-Azhar, and its owners opened a branch of the brewery and opened a tasting room.

Now, Medallas beers are available in Lebanon and in neighboring countries, such as Jordan and Turkey.

Medallascrew is one of the largest beer brands in the region, with over 50 million barrels of beer and 50,000 employees.

And while its roots in the former Ottoman empire have been traced back to the 14th century, Medallas roots have taken root in modern-day Turkey, the birthplace of Islam and the birthplace and heart of the country.

Medallas, which was founded by Iraqi immigrants and has since become synonymous with Middle Eastern beer, has also grown to become one of Turkey’s largest and most prestigious craft brewers.

Medalas roots in Iraq are so deep and so rich that its beer is still brewed today by the locals.

The town of Medallasis is home to a small community of about 1,000 people that has been brewing for years.

The first step in Medalla beer making, though, is the creation of a batch of beer.

A batch is a mixture of three parts of beer, water, and yeast.

The ingredients for making a batch are not only the ingredients, but also the time and the weather in which the beer is made.

“When you make a batch, you take a beer, you make sure it’s fresh and the temperature is not too hot or too cold,” said Ali Adel, a brewmaster at Medalla.

“You take the ingredients that you need for that recipe and then you make the beer, which is made by fermenting the yeast and using it to brew beer.

We ferment it for at least three weeks before making the beer.”

Adel added that beer is brewed at an early stage, and in order to help it to age properly, the beer has to be allowed to dry naturally before being bottled.

The process is known as a secondary fermentation, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get it right.

“If you look at the history of brewing in the history, it was a process that started in ancient times and that started when we were still in the Ottoman Empire,” Adel said.

“But as the Ottoman empire expanded, it became more and more difficult to brew in the Turkish Empire, so people began to look for ways to make beer and started to make it themselves.”

In addition to the brewing process, Adel also makes Medalla specialty beers.

One of those is Medalla Dark Ale, which he says is a blend of five beers, with the dark and bitter characteristics of the beers being combined with the sweet and refreshing qualities of the water.

He explained that Medallis dark beers are known for having a deep, dark color, and he believes the addition of the dark beer is to help them age and improve their flavor.

“It’s to improve the taste of the beer.

To add some sweetness, and to bring a little more lightness to the beer,” Adels explained.

“Medallas dark beers have been around for over 100 years.

In fact, they are still made today.

In Iraq, people make these beers as a tradition, and they make them to remember the ancestors.”

And Medalla Beer’s most famous brew, the Dark Ale that’s currently on the market, has been around since the 1700s.

It is a rich dark ale with a strong body and aroma.

The beer is available in cans as well as in bottles, which are a popular choice for those who are interested in drinking a dark ale in the wintertime.

But the Dark is the one drink that makes the biggest impression on anyone who is curious about how beer is produced in Iraq.

It makes you wonder if Medallahs roots in Middle Eastern history, as well, still have roots in his hometown.

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