July 17, 2021

Maine Beer, the world’s largest brewer, announced Thursday that it is partnering with online marketplace Beer Pics to launch an online beer store.

The partnership between the two companies was announced in a press release.

The partnership includes an online store that will be available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada, and an online ordering and shipping system for beer and other beer related items.

“The Maine Beer Store will allow Maine beer enthusiasts to purchase and order their favorite beers from the company, and to shop for and sell those products online, from the comfort of their own homes,” said Chris C. Tait, Maine Beer President and CEO.

“The Maine beer community is a loyal and passionate group of fans and we’re proud to help them grow the beer industry here in the state.

We’re proud of the partnership, and look forward to continuing to serve the industry in Maine.”

The Maine brewery has been making beer for more than 70 years and has grown from one of Maine’s few remaining breweries in the 1980s to a full-service beer distributor.

In 2015, it sold its largest ever beer, a collaboration between Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas, and MillerCoors.

Maine Beer is not the first beer company to offer online ordering.

In 2017, craft beer retailer and retailer, Beer Pines, became the first major beer company in the country to offer ordering and delivery services for online beer purchases.

The company has since expanded its offerings, with beer from breweries including Blue Point, HopCat, Rogue Ales, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and the now-defunct Goose Island.

Beer Pics is a partnership between New York-based startup, Blue Point.

The service, which is available to purchase beer, merchandise, and more, offers customers an opportunity to order and order directly from a brewery, and then ship beer and merchandise to them at their convenience.

In addition to Beer Pops, Blue Points offerings include Craft Beer Pass and Brews & Brews.

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