November 1, 2021

Rolling Rock Brewing Co. is making a beer that won’t make your mom cry. 

The San Diego-based brewery is brewing the beer for Dog Beer Week, which celebrates the friendship between a dog and a man who loves it.

The beer will be available on draft in select beer stores, and Dog Beer Weekend is being held in May. 

Dog Beer Week has been in the works for several months.

The organizers say that in the past, Dog Beer Month has been a big event in the craft beer world. 

This year, the organizers are hoping that Dog Beer will be a big hit. 

“This is going to be one of those beers that people will be talking about for years to come,” says John S. Hargrove, Dog Food Co-Founder and co-owner of Dog Beer. 

Rolling Rock Brewing is using yeast strains from breweries around the country, and its brewing the product in a small room that can be easily controlled.

It’s using two different brewing systems, one that’s an old-school, air-conditioned, glass-bottomed brewing system and one that uses a pressure cooker.

The pressure cooker makes the beer colder and the beer more hoppy, making it a little easier to handle. 

You can also brew beer on a gas stove or in a kettle.

The system is also quieter than traditional brewing systems because the yeast doesn’t take up space in the system. 

One of the brewery’s goals is to be able to brew more than a gallon of beer per day. 

Says John Hargrock: “We wanted to create a beer with a great balance between the hoppy side and the fruity side of the beer.” 

Rollings Rock Brewing has been around for nearly two decades, but it’s now making its first beer in three years.

The brewery’s founder, John H. Hargeve, was inspired by his son’s obsession with rolling rolling paper. 

John says that he was inspired to open a craft brewery after his son told him about the concept. 

He’s also trying to create beer that is as good as the beer that’s on tap at your favorite bars. 

Hargroves son, a graduate of the San Diego State University, started working at the brewery at age 19.

He says he was looking for a way to help support his family and build his business. 

When he was 22 years old, he opened the first brewery in the United States, a restaurant in San Diego called the Ritz. 

In 2008, John and his wife, Jocelyn, bought the Riz, which has since been converted into a brewpub. 

At the R, he has opened a variety of craft beers including a sour beer called Ritz, and a Belgian-style beer called the Big Man. 

According to John, the brewery has been the home of a variety specialties. 

His biggest hit so far has been Dog Beer, which he calls a unique, hoppy beer. 

I’m so proud of the craft beers that are coming out.

The beers that I’m brewing are all unique.

They’re all very different and they’re all really good, John says. 

On Dog Beer week, he is also introducing a new line of beers. 

They are called Dog Beer Lager and they are a little more hoppier, but still very flavorful. 

It’s a refreshing beer that has a little bit of everything, John explains. 

To help celebrate Dog Beer’s 50th anniversary, Rolling Rock is offering Dog Beer T-shirts, and they have special dog tags that can help promote the event. 

For the brewers, Dog Brewing Week is an opportunity to create an experience that can last a lifetime. 

While Dog Beer is a very unique beer, the beer can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Everyone can enjoy the beers that they make. 

All the different styles of beer, John believes, should be accessible to everyone.

The brewery has plans to release the first Dog Beer batch in May, and then roll out new beers every month.

This year’s event is being hosted by The Beer Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. 

More information about Dog Beer can be found at Rolling

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