September 1, 2021

This year’s Bordeaux Beer Festival is expected to draw a record number of beer lovers to the town of Toulouse-sur-Mer in southern France, where more than 100,000 people have been invited to sample and buy bottles of beer for free.

The festival, which will run from June 12-19, has been running for the past four years and has been described as one of the most expensive beers in the world.

The fest attracts more than 15,000 guests annually, making it the world capital of beer-drinking.

The price of a pint of beer is expected at between €6.30 and €9.50, according to organizers.

The event is set to attract more than 25,000 attendees, including more than 1,000 journalists, who will be among the biggest beer aficionados in the country.

In addition to the beer, attendees will be able to try wines, beignets and beers made from grapes, lager and saison, as well as specialty beers made by local breweries.

There will be a limited number of special offers, including a limited edition of 100 commemorative bottles of Belgian beer, which was given away to one lucky winner.

Tickets are sold online at

The organizers also announced that a total of 1,800 beer enthusiasts will be invited to attend the event, which is set for June 19-23.

“For the past few years, the beer festival has become one of our biggest drawcards,” said Jean-Christophe Delaunay, head of the festival’s marketing department.

“In order to reach our guests and increase the exposure, we have added the special beer program, which aims to create a more diverse and inclusive audience.”

According to the organizers, the festival attracts the most number of visitors to Toulousse-sur‑Mer each year.

Last year, the number of attendees grew by more than 90%, to about 30,000.

The total number of participants for the festival has grown to about 70,000, the organizers say.

Beer sales at the festival have also increased by more then 50%, with beer prices rising from €5.30 to €6 per pint, according a spokesperson for the organizers.

During the past five years, Bordeau Beer Festival has sold over 1.5 million bottles of the world-famous brew.

In a report by the New York Times in 2017, the Belgian beer-loving citizens of the town were shocked to learn that Bordeaus average beer prices were over double the prices of neighboring France.

The prices of Bordeais beers are higher than those of the average Belgian drinker, and the beer has also been described by some as a drink for the wealthy.

The average beer price in Belgium is €2.75.

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