August 21, 2021

We are constantly trying to find new beers to try in New Zeland.

This year, we’re exploring the region to find out what’s on tap.

This week, we’ll be looking at the best beers from the South Island.

We’ll be featuring the most popular brands, the beer they are made of, and their beers styles.

So join us in the tasting room for this new brew.

New Zealand beer styles are constantly changing, so if you’re new to the beer world, this may be a good time to jump in and explore some of the most common styles.

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up.

New Zeland Brewing Co. – Old AleBeer Alcohol Content: 5.2%ABV: 5%Ingredients: Pale Malt, Malt Extract, Crystal Malt, Crystal Wheat, Wheat, Water, Watermelon, Citrus, Citrulline, Maltose, Wheat Flour, Wheat Bragg, Wheat Protein, Yeast, Sorghum, Flour Acid, Sorbitol, Maltose, Malt Syrup, Yeasty Lager, Water Source National Geographic article We’ve been fortunate to have a fantastic and varied beer industry in New York City, but the region is a big part of the New Zealand beer world.

While New Zealand has a rich history and a great beer culture, New Zealand also has some of our own unique beers that we’re really proud to be a part of.

Here are a few of our favorites:

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