July 13, 2021

How to brew your own craft beer, even if you’re not a beer lover.

The Indian craft beer scene is flourishing with craft beers that are being brewed in local microbreweries, artisan brewers and microdistilleries.

The craft beer trend has been on the rise in the last few years, with several breweries opening in cities like Delhi and Bengaluru.

These breweries have started to expand their output of craft beer and they are seeing an influx of interest from overseas customers, as the number of foreign tourists in India has increased by nearly a third since the start of the year.

Here are the top 10 craft beer spots in India, according to a recent survey conducted by BeerAdvocate.

The top craft breweries in India:1.

Sapta Brewing Co. (Pune, Maharashtra)2.

Panchak Brewing Co.(Guwahati, Gujarat)3.

Hulme Brewing Co (Jaipur, Rajasthan)4.

Pannar Brewing Co(Delhi, Uttar Pradesh)5.

Anand Brewing Co-operative (Mumbai, Maharashtra)*6.

Nandi Brewing Co Ltd.

(New Delhi, Maharashtra*7.

Tambar Brewing Company(Pune)8.

Shillong Brewing Co Co. Ltd.(Karnataka)*9.

Jai Beer Co. Pvt.


Hops and Barrels Pvt Ltd.(New Delhi)*Here are the Top 10 Craft Beer Pops in India by Beerista Rating, according of the Beerista Ratings for Beer:1) Pannark Brewing Co., Ltd.

: 4.7/5 (BEST BREWERY IN INDIA)2) Nandi Beer Co., Limited : 3.9/53) Saptas Brewing Co.: 3.7 (BEDROOM BEST BREWDOG)4) Hulmes Brewing Co: 3.6 (BETTER THAN NEW YORK)5) Anand Beer Co.: 2.8 (BAD BREWING RESTAURANT)6) Tambaram Brewing Co : 2.6/57) JaiBeer Co. : 2 (SQUAD BREWERY OUTSTANDING)8) Nanda Brewing Co./Aunty Brewing Co, Ltd.: 2/58) Shillongs Brewing Co.-Pune: 2/49) Panshek Brewery Co.: 1.9 (BOOSTER BREWERS BEST RECIPIENTS IN INDIAN INDIA)*10) Bistro and Bistrot : 1.6*The list above is not exhaustive.

There are many craft beer bars, breweries and distilleries in India that are making great beer, but there are also some great spots that can also be a good choice for craft beer enthusiasts.

Here are some tips on how to brew a craft beer at home, with our recommendations and recommendations from our readers.1.

Have a small scale brewing experience with your beer.

You can use small batches of beer, as well as smaller batches with a professional brewmaster to produce a great brew.

In fact, we have even made a video guide on how you can brew a small batch of craft ale at home.

If you have a friend or family member who can brew beer for you, this is the best way to get started.2.

Brew a few batches and compare them.

You will know if you are getting the full flavor of your craft beer.3.

Make sure you have an equipment to get your beer off the boil.

You should have an electric kettle, a stainless steel kettle, and an electric or gas kettle for your beer, depending on the craft beer style you are making.

If the craft brewer’s name is mentioned, you can also add a small amount of yeast.4.

Try different types of yeast in your brew.

Try adding different flavors to your brew, and see what works best for you.

If it’s a local style beer, try a different yeast and/or different type of yeast for a different flavor.

You don’t want to use the same yeast strain for multiple batches of craft beers, and you want to make sure you are adding enough yeast to achieve the correct flavor profile.5.

Get the proper ingredients for the brew.

Some people like to brew with malt and hops, while others like to use an ale yeast or a wheat beer yeast.

There is a difference in taste, so be sure to experiment with different types and varieties of beer to see which ones taste the best for your taste buds.6.

Set a timer for when you want your brew to be ready.

A good rule of thumb is to brew the beer for 5-6 hours and to brew it every night.

If that seems long, try shorter brewing sessions, especially for small batches.7.

Have some good food to prepare.

You want your beer to taste as good as possible, so make sure that you have enough food

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