October 1, 2021

Victoria has been celebrating its beer culture in a new way with the opening of a new brewery and taproom, the first to open in the state since the Victorian Brewing and Tasting Festival.

The Victoria Beer Company has been opened in the city centre at the end of September, and will feature a brewery and a taproom for beer enthusiasts to enjoy a beer while they shop for food, and enjoy a complimentary meal from one of the brewery’s restaurants.

Victoria Beer Company brewery at the Victoria Beer Festival, 2017.

In addition to the new brewery, which will include a new taproom at the venue, there will also be a bar inside the brewery and other areas of the property that will feature beer tasting, as well as food and wine for those who want to relax.

A taproom and brewery inside the Victoria Brewery in Melbourne, 2017.(Supplied: Victoria Beer) Victoria Beer Co’s first tasting room will be in the heart of the Victoria beer scene, and is designed to be a great place to find your favourite craft beer, or to sample a variety of different beer styles.

Beer lovers can order a pint of their favourite beer on the premises, or grab a glass of wine to sample before heading to the brewery.

The Victoria brewery is set to be the first beer-focused restaurant in the country to open, with the bar, cafe and dining area set to open later this year.

Tucked away inside the premises is a large, spacious kitchen and a bar, which can seat 50 people.

Inside the Victoria brewery.

Outside, a view of the Melbourne skyline.

Pouring a glass.

There are plans to include a bar on the property, but the bar and restaurant are not set to take off until the bar is ready for occupancy.

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