July 8, 2021

Beer goggles are so good at trapping the heat of your beer that some breweries even sell them for $30.

That’s right, if you want to get a little more out of your brews, you can use beer goggles to brew with.

But you’ll need to get creative. 

Here’s a quick primer on how to make your own homebrewing beer goggles.

You’ll need:Glass bottle with a hole in the middle for your beer gogglesGlass beer bottle that has a hole drilled in the center to hold the goggles in place Beer bottle with the bottom cut off for the goggles to fit into Beer bottle holder with a piece of foam padding to hold it in place Fold the plastic bag into the bottle holder and use the foam padding Place your goggles in a plastic bag and fill the hole with beer.

The first step to making your beer glasses is to cut a piece out of a plastic bottle that will fit the holes you drilled in your beer bottle.

I used a piece I cut out of the side of a foam foam roller bag because I wanted a beer bottle holder that was sturdy and easy to store.

You can also use a plastic box or a cardboard box as a beer holder.

If you use a cardboard, the foam roller will be easier to remove from the box if it becomes damaged. 

The foam roller you cut out should be sturdy enough to hold your beer in place when you put the goggles on, but don’t let that deter you.

You’ll be making your glasses at home, so make sure you don’t break any of the plastic pieces.

To make your beer glass, cut the foam out of either a foam roller or cardboard box.

If the foam is too thin to use in your goggles, cut out a thicker piece of the foam and wrap the foam around the hole so it’s holding your glasses in place.

If your foam is thinner than the foam used for the beer goggles, use a thicker foam and fill in the hole where the foam ends.

You’re done!

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