July 18, 2021

Trump, House Republicans move to repeal Obamacare by midnight on Monday and the Senate will begin debate in the coming days.

The bill, which has been billed as a health-care overhaul that would “fix the broken health-insurance market,” would be the largest legislative overhaul since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

Democrats have vowed to block the measure in the Senate, which is controlled by a Democratic majority.

The bill was approved by a House majority of 237-192 last week and is likely to be passed by the Senate on Friday.

Republicans are expected to use a series of procedural votes to get the bill through the House.

In the Senate , Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the measure is “dead on arrival.”

“It’s dead on arrival in the United States Senate, and we are very confident that when we get to the end, we will pass this,” McConnell said at a Senate GOP caucus meeting on Wednesday.

McConnell and his fellow GOP leaders have repeatedly promised to repeal the law.

But their promise to repeal and replace the ACA has come under fire as it faces a growing number of challenges and a wave of new lawsuits.

While McConnell has repeatedly insisted that the repeal of the ACA is in the interest of Republicans, the bill could also hurt the GOP’s chances of controlling the Senate.

Trump and Republicans in Congress are expected soon to unveil their long-awaited replacement plan, and many lawmakers are expected, if not encouraged, to back the bill.

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