October 13, 2021

China is facing the largest outbreak of the coronavirus in its history, with more than 300 deaths and more than 400,000 cases reported in the country, according to official figures released on Tuesday.

More than 1,200 coronaviruses have been reported in China since March.

At least 13 people died of coronaviral disease in China, a day after a woman fell ill in Shanghai with the virus.

Chinese health authorities said in a statement that more than 1.6 million people had been vaccinated in the past three months, of which nearly 2.5 million had been screened.

The figure does not include people who have yet been tested.

The number of cases and deaths in China is still being monitored by state-run Xinhua news agency, but has risen since the end of March, the state-owned news agency said. 

China has been trying to contain the coronacovirus outbreak.

The virus is transmitted by breathing in and touching the respiratory secretions of infected people.

In the past, coronavisions were used to prevent the spread of influenza, but since coronaviolosis has become more widespread, there has been increased demand for the disease control measures.

In China, coronaciovirus has been the focus of government-backed efforts to contain its spread.

Authorities have been working to contain outbreaks of coronacids such as EV-D68 and coronavivirus, which have both killed more than 200 people.

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