August 10, 2021

Coronavilla Brewery is celebrating National Beer Day with a new beer ball.

It is part of their annual “Big Ball” celebration and the first of their “National Beer Balls” on beer.

The beer balls are created by the local community and are sold for €5 each.

The ball is a special occasion and sold out in a matter of minutes.

The brewery has now offered a special limited edition beer ball to its customers. 

The “Big Beer Ball” is part and parcel of Coronaparola Brewery’s National Beer Ball celebrations.

This year, the beer balls have been available for €3 each, as part of Coroner’s Day celebrations.

The Coronascanan Brewery is now offering the same beer balls for free as part with the Coronaval Ball celebrations in the same week. 

“It is a very special beer ball for our customers and for the community as well.

It has been very successful so far,” said Coronastan Brewery Manager, Alejandro Fernandez.

“It’s a celebration of the Corona beer and the Coroni beer.

I think people will enjoy this beer ball.” 

 The beer balls were created by local Coronatan community members, who are in charge of organising the event.

“Coronas big ball is the only one that has been created in the Coro and it is a wonderful way to mark a day of national celebration,” said Fernandez. 

 “We think that Coronans beer balls can be a good way to show our appreciation for the Corones beer,” he said. 

Coronacas national beer ball will take place on March 10 at 11am, the day after the Coronal Cup final between Coronados and the Republic of Ireland at the Corono Stadium. 

A special limited release beer ball is also being offered for €1.50 each, on sale for the rest of the weekend. 


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