August 29, 2021

An Australian company has developed a beer butt chicken that can be eaten, according to a new study.

The researchers say their technique is so effective it can be safely used in the home and has the potential to replace meat in the diet for people with food allergies.

While the research does not prove it is safe to eat chicken, they say the results are promising.

A similar technique is used to make bread, the researchers say, and the research is being done to see if it is also safe to consume chicken.

Dr Adam Hirsch, a researcher at the University of New South Wales, said the results could have huge implications for the way people consume chicken, especially in Asia where it is often made into soup and cooked.

“It is the best way to eat meat, but the process is very time consuming,” Dr Hirsch said.

“In many countries, people are using it for its own sake.”

The researchers used two different methods to make chicken, using a meat-derived enzyme called alpha-amylase (AA) and a plant-derived beta-amino acid (AAAB).

“We use the alpha-aminase method because it is the simplest way to produce the alpha amino acid and we are able to use that to produce meat, and that is why it is a common method in Australia and Asia,” Dr Alan Rippe, who led the study, said.

The researchers made the chicken by using two enzymes: alpha-aA and alpha-AA, which are also produced by the plant-based enzyme beta-AA.

“These enzymes produce the meat’s basic structure and it is very similar to meat.”

They are very similar enzymes, they both produce the same amino acids, so you can use them interchangeably.

“In Australia, meat is traditionally cooked with a dry heat and then dried, but this process is often used to produce a chicken.

The study found that when the chicken was cooked using the AAB method, it took an average of four minutes to cook the chicken.”

This is a very low time for cooking meat, particularly for chicken, which takes about three hours,” Dr Rippee said.”

And it is not a good time for us to use AAB as it makes the chicken a little bit more tender and it gives the chicken more flavour.

“In other words, if you were to cook a chicken with AAB and dry heat, it would be a little overcooked.”

Dr Hirsch’s research is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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