October 10, 2021

Burger King will invest $800m in Oregon-based brewery Oasis Beer in the coming years, a company official said Wednesday.

The Oregon Beer Company will also invest $300m in Oasis Brewing in 2018, said Brian McBride, chief executive of the company, which has about 40 employees in Portland.

McBride said the new investments will be the largest of their kind in Oregon.

The brewery is a member of the world-famous Oregon Brewers Guild and the largest independent brewer in the U.S. The new investment is the latest in a series of deals to help Oasis grow its production.

McBeth said Oasis will begin brewing in 2019 and will eventually expand to brews in California, Texas and Washington state.

The $800 million investment in the brewery is the largest investment in Oregon, according to the company.

Oasis is owned by Oregon Brewing Co., which is owned in part by Oasis Breweries.

McBrien said Oases new location in Portland will make it more competitive with some of the top-selling brands in the country.

Oases current brewery location is in South Portland.

The Oasis Brewery’s first brew is slated for this year.

The brewery is currently seeking a new facility to open and build its beer production facility, he said.

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