September 17, 2021

Australian beer lovers have long dreamed of being able to buy Bud Light in their own backyard.

In an article on TechRadars sister site Beer Advocate, it was revealed that the company has yet to officially launch a Bud Light brand in Australia, although they do plan to open up in New Zealand and the US later this year.

Bud Light has had a rocky few years, as the company struggled with a slump in demand and the rise of craft beers.

However, it has since made some significant moves towards diversifying its portfolio.

The beer giant has announced plans to expand its portfolio with the opening of its flagship store in Sydney, the Australian National University campus in Canberra, and a new pub in Melbourne.

“In Australia, we have a unique opportunity to explore how our existing distribution footprint can be used to bring the best in Australian beer to a new generation of Australians,” Bud Light chief executive David Fischler said in a statement.

“While we are confident our customers will appreciate the new approach, we know there are significant challenges to navigating our distribution model in the new environment.”

Bud Lights has been in Australia since 2007 and has a strong presence in the state.

In Australia, the brand is brewed with the ingredients found in local fruit trees and is sold in cans, bottles, and kegs.

It is now possible to buy beer from the store, but in Australia it is usually only available through the mail order business, and only through authorized Bud Light retailers.

However, Fischlers announcement was met with criticism from beer drinkers in Australia.

“I hope they [Bud lights] see the light and realise there’s a market for their beer and it’s not a bubble that will burst,” Melbourne Beer Week organiser Andrew D’Aloisio said.

“It’s a really important opportunity for us.

We know there’s demand and it is good to see the growth, but there’s also the fact that we are really a big part of the national economy.”

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