July 25, 2021

Beer can chickens, named after New Castle brewery owner Brian “Buckeye” Peroni, have become a popular tourist attraction in Australia.

A handful of local breweries have taken to the market to sell their canned chicken.

The popular craft beer can can is now being marketed to tourists in the United States and Europe.

A couple in the US bought one last year for $1,400.

A few years ago, they paid $2,000 for a “beer can chowder” to go with their can of chicken.

Now the US and UK have taken over the business.

In the UK, a couple paid $500 to bring their own can of beer to New Castle and sold it for $10,000.

The can can of “beer chowder”, with a can of chowder on top, sold for $12,000 at a local pub in December.

In Europe, beer can chicken is still popular in the UK.

In Germany, beer chowder is still sold at restaurants.

A UK tour guide who bought the can of meat said it tasted like “a really good, well-seasoned chicken breast.”

“It’s very satisfying.

It’s a nice little piece of chicken and it’s cooked right in your mouth.

It really is a good chicken,” she said.

The couple are hoping to make the can-chowder a permanent fixture at their brewery, which they started in 2005.

The “beer-chow” was made in a special canning machine, with “fresh, crisp, juicy chicken breast on top”.

A bottle of the can is sold for about $200.

“We’ve had people come up to us and say, ‘Oh my God, I love it’,” Mr Peroni said.

“It gives us a lot of energy, it makes us feel good, it keeps us going, it gives us energy.”

The couple plans to make it a permanent feature at their beer-chowning brewery in New Castle, New South Wales.

“The beer can is a great way to entertain people,” Mr Peronis said.

They also plan to make more beer can chow in the future.

“I just think that it’s just a wonderful thing to have,” Mr Price said.

In 2016, Mr Peronen also made the can in a new style of canning called a “chow-chute”, which involves cooking the chicken in a pan until it is a perfect, crisp golden brown.

It was designed to appeal to foodie types.

“There’s a lot going on in the world today that we don’t get to see,” he said.

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