August 17, 2021

Beer has been gaining popularity among consumers, but that hasn’t always been the case.

In the last year, the craft beer industry has experienced some big changes, with the craft brewers gaining more prominence and the beer industry moving to a global scale.

As a result, there has been a surge in the number of beers on shelves.

Beer sales are projected to grow in the US by 10% by 2020, and more than $2 trillion in sales are expected in that period, according to research firm Euromonitor.

There’s also been a huge jump in beer sales.

In the last decade, the number sold was around 20 million barrels per year, but the industry grew by nearly 10 million barrels a year between 2007 and 2020, according in a report from Euromonitors.

The trend is driven by several factors, according.

The first and most obvious one is that the number and volume of craft beers has exploded in recent years.

Beer has long been a popular drink, and the US now has more than 1.2 million breweries, up from less than 1 million in 1997, according Euromonister.

In 2020, the United States produced more than 40 million barrels of beer.

But another reason that beer has been popular is that consumers have been paying more attention to the quality of their brews, which has made the industry a lot more appealing to the average consumer.

According to Euromoncer, the average beer consumer is more than twice as likely to buy a craft beer than a traditional beer.

And the popularity of beer is changing the way beer drinkers shop.

In 2014, a survey of beer drinkers revealed that while the average shopper buys more craft beers than they do regular beer, the majority of them shop more for the quality and value of the beer than they did in the past.

The rise of craft beer has created an opportunity for brands, according Andrew Gavilanes, senior research analyst for Euromonneris.

“There’s a huge number of brands in the craft segment,” Gavillanes told Business Insider.

“Consumers are getting more interested in craft beer, which in turn has resulted in a lot of brands coming into the market.”

One of those brands is Bud Light, which is growing at a clip of 15% a year.

Bud Light grew its revenue by 10.7% last year.

And while Bud Light is still dwarfed by craft brewers like MillerCoors and Stella Artois, it is now a major player in the market.

The company has about 4,000 locations in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

The brand’s sales are growing more than 5% a month.

Bud Light’s brand is also one of the fastest growing brands in America, according a study by marketing company The Beer Company, which found that craft beer sales grew by more than 25% in 2017.

And with more than 70% of its customers being women, Bud Light has a lot to gain from becoming more inclusive.

Buda Light is one of many brands to be profiled in this year’s list of Top 100 Beer Brands.

It’s one of only a handful of craft brands to have made it into the Top 100 list.

And the list is dominated by brands like Budweiser, Goose Island, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and MillerCoor, according To Beer’s Scott Gebhart.

“If Bud Light can really do a job in the world of beer, I think it’s going to do well in the next decade,” Gebart said.

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